GMB@Barnet eNews 5th February 2013

NSCSO – Continued talks with CAPITA RE the transfer of staff to them…

Recruitment Day at Mill Hill Depot – Another interesting event last Tuesday was a recruitment day at Mill Hill Depot…

Budget Consultation -  This week sees the closure of consultation on a number of budget restructures…


Sorry for the lateness of this email again, like many people I am trying to find time to use up my Annual Leave and Friday was a rare gap in my workload.


Last week we continued talks with CAPITA RE the transfer of staff to them as part of NSCSO. As most of you will be aware there has been a delay in the transfer date due to a Judicial review being undertaken by some  Residents of Barnet. This means the Contract cannot proceed until the outcome of the Judicial review and has delayed the transfer of staff until at least May. We have asked for a firm date in May and are yet to receive an answer. This has also had a knock on effect for the DRS outsource as the two are linked.

The Tripartite meeting last week continued with further discussions some of which have been relayed through the NSCSO newsletter, while some parts remain embargoed to attendees of the meeting. This is not something GMB are happy about and we have made it clear that we do not want to withhold anything from our members and do not see why what is being discussed needs to b embargoed. Nothing we have discussed is commercially confidential and although decisions have not yet been made we have only raised concerns shared by our members. I attach what has been shared by the council with some additional comments for those who wish to understand more. We still have not met with G4S who it is proposed will be providing the cash collection services.

Consultation was supposed to begin today with staff and TU’s in relation to the Employee handbook. This has however been delayed. I attach a letter sent by Keith Williams outlining the GMB’s position in relation to this which is no change to any procedures. In addition the council have reduced the frequency of Tripartite meetings apparently due to the delay caused by the Judicial Review. This means less time for us to discuss important issues relating to your Terms and Conditions..

We have had a couple of union meetings for staff affected by this outsource. If you have not received invites to these meetings and are affected by the changes please let  me know to ensure you are added to the mailing list for it.

If you are transferring to CAPITA there are a number of things you need to make sure of before you transfer;

  • If you have a flexible working arrangement of any kind make sure it is formalised in writing by your line manager before transfer.
  • If you plan to take any extended leave for more than 2 weeks in the next financial  year make sure you book it now.
  • If you want records of your payslips print them out before you transfer to CAPITA as you will no longer have access to self service.
  • If you would like GMB to accompany you to your one to one with CAPITA give us plenty of advanced notice so we can discuss any specific concerns or requirements you have.
  • If you are not in the LGPS pension please contact us as we can advise you in relation to additional options you may have and potential risks pre and post transfer.

RecruQueuing for a job at Mill Hill Deportitment Day at Mill Hill Depot

Another interesting event last Tuesday was a recruitment day at Mill Hill Depot. This was for a variety of jobs that have been filled long term by agency staff such as refuse loaders, gardeners, street sweepers, coach escorts and transport drivers. The picture attached shows a snapshot of the number of people who were queuing for hours for what is realistically a handful of jobs. In one respect this was a great success for Street Scene services to recruit for jobs where e-recruitment was not working, on the other hand a very worrying sign of the number of people looking for work!

Budget Consultation

This week sees the closure of consultation on a number of budget restructures. If anyone has any further concerns or would like to be accompanied to their one to ones please let me know.

Peace and Progress

Paul Coles
London Borough of Barnet, Mill Hill Depot, Bittacy Hill, Mill Hill. London NW7 4BL
Tel: 020 8359 5086/ 7314
Mobile: 07960 016876

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