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More grim news for public sector workers as George Osborn sets out the current Governments plans to further slash funding from public services. This comes at a time when the news is full of stories about how the NHS is falling to bits. Although the Health Service is not going o face the attack Local Government will continue to receive it is a sure sign that more money needs to be spent on Public Services not cut. All of us working in the public sector know that due to the increasing pressure we are under and ongoing reductions in staffing levels we are already at breaking point.  The massive loss of further jobs in Local Government will not only undermine our services but will also impact on the private sector jobs he says are increasing. With more people on the dole their will be less money to spend on the high street and a growing demand on the benefits they are looking to cut. Where is the sense!

In addition a pay increase below inflation for the foreseeable future we will again bear the brunt of Austerity.


Closer to home, but with no more sense apparent ;

Your Choice Barnet

Consultation has been extended on some aspects of the proposed changes to Your Choice Barnet. This includes a reduction of waking night staff, support workers and enhanced payments for evening and weekend working. However they are moving ahead with proposals to cut the jobs of managers.

This has come about after Carers and Service users made it clear they weren’t happy and had not been consulted on the changes. It is also due to the threat of legal action by them. Lets hope that The Barnet Group will listen this time!

We continue to oppose the changes to their pay and terms and conditions and we are calling for this service to be brought back in house which Barnet promised it would do if it failed. It is obviously failing now. Sign the petition now.


Cabinet agreed Capita Symonds as the preferred Bidder for DRS and this now enters a periods of ALCATEL before TUPE consultation commences. This is not likely to happen until after the Judicial review.

The date for the Judicial Review has now been set for the 15th and 16th of July. Until this date there will be little further progress.

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