Unified Pay and Award

Barnet council are running a project which will be moving all staff onto a new Job evaluation pay scheme. Currently the majority of staff have their jobs evaluated using the Greater London Provincial Council’s scheme. This has been used for a number of years in Barnet and GMB representatives are trained to evaluate using this scheme which enables us to challenge evaluations carried out on behalf of the council by the HR team. GMB see this as a fair and transparent scheme.

The proposal is to move onto a different scheme that is currently only used for senior level staff within the council. This is the HAY evaluation scheme. This scheme will be used to define “Job Families” so that similar jobs across the council will ‘slot in’ and receive similar pay. The project is being run as a “cost neutral” project, i.e. it is not cost cutting and there will be no reduction in the overall pay envelope. However GMB have raised concerns that there will be winners and losers and we are concerned about how many losers there may be.

Running alongside this is another element of the project which will be looking at existing Terms and Conditions of all employees. This could include Annual Leave, Sick Pay and overtime. The council are not running this element on a cost neutral basis.

Work has commenced on the Job Families and will shortly be starting on the evaluation element of this project. The aim is to have this all complete by September 2014 and then consult with staff and the Trade Unions on a complete package which will include the revised evaluations and review of terms and Conditions. The provisional date for implementation is 1st April 2015.

GMB will keep you posted as things develop.

In the meantime managers are being asked to refresh Role Profiles for all jobs to ensure they are up to date for the evaluation process. GMB recommends that all members ask there managers to keep them informed of when their Role Profiles will be updated.

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